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VPN Gate provides free access to a large network of volunteer operated VPN servers. In a failed attempt to enforce censorship, certain countries have blocked direct access to the VPN Gate server directory. In response, this page provides links to the latest VPN Gate mirror sites. Direct downloads of VPN Gate's OpenVPN server files is also available here.

VPN Gate Mirror Sites

Shortly after going live, VPN Gate was blocked by Chinese, Iranian, and a few other governments. No problem! VPN Gate is available via mirror sites, which are regularly changed in order to evade blocking. Below is a regularly updated list of the mirrors. Use these to get fresh VPN server addresses as the older ones are blocked!

Note: Mirrors Checked: 2016/02/11 01:59 UTC

VPN Gate L2TP/IPSEC Servers

VPN Gate's L2TP / IPSEC servers are listed below, and can enable connectivity if the more secure OpenVPN servers are blocked. These are operated in fewer numbers, but the small number of servers stay online for weeks at a time.

Note: L2tp/IPsec Servers Checked: 2016/02/11 01:59 UTC

L2tp/IPsec Servers in the United States of America

L2tp/IPsec Servers in the Republic of Korea

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Australia

L2tp/IPsec Servers in the United Kingdom

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Japan

L2tp/IPsec Servers in France

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Singapore

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Iceland

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Italy

L2tp/IPsec Servers in Taiwan

VPN Gate OpenVPN Configs

Below is a list of popular VPN Gate servers located in various countries. Click on a "hot link" to obtain the servers' ovpn files. OpenVPN as implemented with VPN Gate is easy, since the encryption keys and certificates are contained within the config file. Just download one file, import, and connect to the server!

Note: Some mirrors do not allow hotlinking, and instead take you to the VPN server list.
Note: These links do not work if the site is blocked from your location.
Note: OpenVPN Configs Checked: 2016/02/11 01:59 UTC

OpenVPN Servers in Australia

OpenVPN Servers in the United Kingdom

OpenVPN Servers in France

OpenVPN Servers in Singapore

OpenVPN Servers in Iceland

OpenVPN Servers in Italy

OpenVPN Servers in Taiwan

VPN Gate users in China should consider these hints to save time and connect more easily:

VPN Gate is a good system for circumventing internet censorship. It is evolving as censorship evolves, and really leaves no alternative to censoring countries except to disconnect from the global network. Beware, as China, North Korea, Iran, and Syria appear to be moving in that direction. That will be their loss as the rest of the world moves onward.

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