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There is a battle for your attention and none of it is about your own choices. Corporations, governments, religious leaders, and a few neighbors intend to control what you read, watch, and listen to in any media. Circumvention and Liberation tech puts control back in your hands. VPNs, proxies, and onion routing are the primary tools to defeat censorship and surveillance. Follow the news below for the deeper story of why you need to these tools to stay in charge of your world.

The current wave of authoritarianism is taking a toll on VPN and proxy services, but be aware circumventionists are robust. For every VPN which gets blocked or refuses to carry torrents, there is another one which works. For every streamer which geoblocks an IP address, there is another one they have missed. Every barrier has a weakness you can exploit to defeat it..

Taking Action to Enjoy an Open Internet

Free VPN Server List -- Rebuilt!!
How to Use Tor From a Distant Server and Evade Scrutiny
How to Use VPNs: 10 Videos Which Teach You
Countries Pledge Open Internet
10 VPN User Tips
New Breed Censorship Circumvention Tools
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Contermeasures for Electronic Device Searches
My War With the Great Firewall of China
Of Media Bubbles and Dictators
China Versus Universal Human Rights

Censorship, Internet Policy, and Technology

Tor is Fighting and Beating Russian Censorship
Google to be Banned in Russia-Occupied Donetsk and Luhansk
Chinese Gamers Use Steam Wallpaper App to Sneak Steamy Porn Past Censors
Shanghai Residents Use NFTs to Document Lockdown and Evade Censorship
Religious Websites Carry More Malware Than Porn Sites
The Era of Borderless Data is Ending (NYT)
[PDF] A Declaration for the Future of the Internet
[PDF] The Internet Hippie Manifesto
Russia’s Sovereign Internet Takes Root
Russia Prepared Tested Full Internet Disconnect in 2019
Myanmar Junta Escalates War Against Circumvention Technology (Fuck the Myanmar Junta)
VPN Provider Sued, Agrees to Block Torrent Traffic and Pirate Bay in USA
The Digital Suez: How the internet flows through Egypt - and why Google could change the Middle East
Yggdrasil: Make the Internet Yours Again With an Instant Mesh Network
Who Controls the Internet (and where do they not have control)
Examining How the Great Firewall Discovers Hidden Circumvention Servers
Academics Find Hidden Layer in the Great Firewall of China
Why You Should Be More Concerned About Internet Shutdowns
Donald Trump (Aspiring Dictator) Sucks up to Muhammadu Buhari (Actual Dictator) over Ineffective Twitter Ban
Cuba Blocks Social Media, Cuts Internet Amid Protests
Matrix: Good Enough for You and Me; Good Enough for Governments too
Briar v1.3 Released: Encrypted Messaging / Mesh Networking Application
How Great is the Great Firewall? Measuring China’s DNS Censorship [Pdf]
#KeepItOn update: who is shutting down the internet in 2021?
41st Anniversary of South Korea's Gwangju Uprising
The Future of Ads and Privacy
More Evidence That Hong Kong is Screwed: Prison for Remembering May 35th
DMCA Notice System Was Spoofed To Target Ubuntu Download
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