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Situation Report for Circumvention Services
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11/05/2021: Everything said in March still applies today. To keep connectivity, change the server IPs regularly. If stay on one address, it gets blocked. SSH tunneling is still very effective in restricted environments.

03/30/2021: The trend of fewer and fewer working circumvention methods continues. SSH tunneling works. Wireguard is being blocked with consistent effect in China. Psiphon works, but users must be nimble and regularly try different servers to find one which works. It appears that international connections are being throttled more than before the NPC meeting. DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS seem to be Intermittently blocked, with odd errors happening. Since the PRC internet restrictions are obviously tighter, there is a possibility that THE PRC IS ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL. FIGURE OUT WTF YOU ARE GOING TO DO IN RESPONSE: STAND UP OR BEND OVER. WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF?

10/30/2020: Fewer VPNs and other circumvention methods seem to be effective against the top censoring regimes. It also seems that surveillance is ticking up against network users who succesfully break free with tools such as Tor, Shadowsocks, and conventional VPNs. Wireguard works, but it is possible to detect its use and may be blocked in the future.

Prepare for a near future in which ANY encrypted networking is suspect, and tools like Tor raising the most suspicion. You might not get a knock at the door, or questioned, but the eyes will be on you for using anything crypto stronger than https. I suggest you switch to a security model in which YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SERVER connecting to the internet through a separate VPN or through Tor. Connect from your personal devices to your server through a benign protocol such as SSH or shadowsocks. No joke: the censorship and surveillance game is escalating in late 2020. Expect the trend to continue in 2021.

More information on network interference is available from Open Observatory of Network Interference and Netblocks.

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