Bunker Buster VPN: How to Use VPNs: 10 Videos Which Teach You

Written and curated by Captain Thermobaric
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how to use VPNs: see a VPN user on a laptop computer

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are incredibly useful tools for protecting the privacy of internet users and making sure that users cannot be blocked from accessing certain content. To best use VPNs, you should know just a few things about how they work and why people trying to watch what you do or to block your access CANNOT do it when you connect to the internet from a distant server. You should also know the difference between using a VPN and using a proxy or Tor. Not only that, you should know why HTTPS is not, by itself, enough to protect your privacy anc access on the internet.

VPNs Explained, both site-to-site and for remote access.
Understanding virtual private networking.

How and why you should set up your own VPN.
Watch out for VPN companies which log your connections.
How safe are "no log" VPNs?
Setting up OpenVPN with one click on Linode and other VPSs.
Tor is different from VPNs - slower, but more anonymous.
How Tor works vs how VPNs works.

Proxies are NOT VPNs and much less safe.
The BIG difference between VPNs and Proxies.

Here is a bonus video - just a bit extra for you to really get on top of what VPNs are about and how you can be more free and safe when the tech is used well.

How to set up your own Wireguard VPN on Linode.

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